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Organization, search and retrieval system

Organizes web sites and increases value/relevance of search results - Multi-OS Freeware. IconFind Categorize is a tool that enables creators of web pages and other digital material to categorize to the International Internet Categorization System (IICS). The IICS is a practical system of organization and retrieval designed to fit the unique nature of the Internet and intranets.

IconFind Categorize 1.0   9-Apr-02   English   1.1 MB

This includes the means for improved search engine methodology, the use of symbols/icons for categorization, the creation of a sliding hierarchy, a new approach to solving the problem of minors accessing pornography on the Internet, and a means for categorizing and searching based on copyright status.

Classify Organize Search Relevance System. Html Web Sites Increases Value Results Organization Retrieval.   IconFind Categorize
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