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Free IT Service Modeler and SNMP Walk/Browser

Free IT service modeler and SNMP walker/browser - Windows Freeware. FireScope Workbench is a collection of free tools designed to make life easier for IT operators. This version currently includes a Service Modeler with dependency discovery and MIB browser and MIB walker combined, with additional tools being developed that will seamlessly plug into the interface to expand its capabilities. FireScope Workbench is built using Javas Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT), enabling it to periodically check for updates and deliver single-click installation of new features as they are published. In addition to using FireScope Workbench as an independent application, it can connect with the FireScope Business Service Management (BSM) or FireScope Configuration Management (CMDB) solution to simplify configuration for rapid time to value.

FireScope Workbench 1.4.1   14-Aug-08   English   62.3 MB

The MIB (Management Information Base) Walker and Browser Tool collects information about your SNMP-enabled networked devices by walking the SNMP tree for a target device and polling the current value of every OID (Object IDentifier) the device supports. Recently added Ping Sweep utilities can scan large IP ranges in seconds, with DNS lookup of responding hosts. Once youve walked a device, you can create real-time graphs of the value of any OID or you can export the walk to an XML file. This file can then be uploaded to FireScope BSM to be added as a managed asset. The Service Modeler component in FireScope Workbench enables you model your IT Services in an easy to use interface that includes discovery capabilities to do all the legwork for you. Simply create your Service Group containers and scan your network to begin mapping your IT Services and their dependent networked assets. Once youve built your service model, an export to XML function provides a standards-compliant format for importing into Visio or any other network visualization tool, or into any monitoring and management solution that supports XML import, which includes FireScope BSM and CMDB products.

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  • Changes since the last release: New Ping Sweep feature makes it easy to scan a large range of IP addresses in seconds, including DNS lookup of . responding hosts. Very useful for quick checks for new hosts, monitoring network response times and verifying network . access.