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Collect and list snmp table data

FC_RTTable collects and lists SNMP table data - Windows Freeware. FC_RTTable is a free tool that can be used to collect performance and utilization data from SNMP enabled devices and to list the data in multi-column tables. FC_RTTable is an excellent tool for real-time monitoring.

FC_RTTable   25-Jan-08   English   1.7 MB

Supports Windows XP/2003 an Vista and SNMPv1 + SNMPv2. FC_RTTable takes a simple xml formatted xml file as configuration file. FC_RTTable is easy to use and has many powerful features. FC_RTTable is the ideal tool for displaying all kinds of performance or utilization statistics from router or switch interfaces. The free version supports the rfc1213 mib object-identifiers. The commercial version has no limitations and supports all rfc and enterprise specific mibs.

Performace Rfc1213 Snmp. Utilization Monitoring Collects Lists Data.   FC_RTTable
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  • Win2000, WinXP, Win2003, WinVista
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