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PNS is a tool for network security shielding

PNS is an easy to use collection of network tools for security shielding - Windows Freeware. Plax Network Suite is an easy to use collection of network tools which give you full control over the internet activity of your computer. Designed for quick access, the Windows Firewall button provides an instant ON/OFF switch for Windows XP Firewall. Designed to integrate with Windows, and be powerful but simple to use, Windows Firewall operates deep under cover, without bothering you at all. It can help stop viruses and worms reaching your computer, ask for permission to block or unblock certain connection requests from applications and software, and create a security log if required.

Plax Network Suite 2.0   29-Apr-08   English   2.0 MB

It's an automatic first line of defense for those who don't have any other software installed. Just in case you need and instant internet lockdown, Plax Network Suite offers the possibility to block all internet connections by the flick of a button. This works like an Internet shield preventing any hacker or spyware reaching your computer. Whenever you want to cloak your computer IP address, Plax Network Suite can instantly block all inbound ping connections. This prevents other users from knowing if your computer is online or not. Perhaps one of the most popular features of Plax Network Suite is the visual report of all open TCP/IP and UDP ports and the mapping to the owning application. This can be used to quickly identify unknown open ports and their associated applications. The software provides detailed information about every network connection: Protocol, Process ID, Process Name, Local Address, Local Port, Remote Address, Remote Port, and Connection State. They say: the best defense is a good offense; and Plax Network Suite provides you with an active reconnaissance tool: the port scanner. Simply enter the IP address to be scanned and the range of ports and within seconds you find out which ports are open on the target PC.

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  • WinXP
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  • Changes since the last release: Major updates for interface and functionality. Small bugs fixed.
  • Requirements: windows xp service pack 2 or higher