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Handy ping tool for the helpdesk

Desktop Pinger is a handy ping tool for the helpdesk - Windows Freeware. Test anything that replies on a ping (ICMP). This little stay on top application is a handy tool for the helpdesk verifying that computers and other equipment are connected and online.

Desktop Pinger 1.0   20-Oct-06   English   267 KB

Desktop Pinger don't require installation, just copy it to a suitable folder and start using it right away. Tip. Copy Desktop Pinger to your memory stick and take it with you, when performing support away from your PC.

Helpdesk Icmp Online. Connection Handy Tool.   Desktop Pinger
  • Freeware Download from Peter Johansson
  • Screenshot
  • WinXP, Win2000, Win2003
  • No Install Support
  • New Release
  • Requirements: Network connecton