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An incredibly fast IP scanner

An incredibly fast IP scanner - Windows Freeware $59.95. An incredibly fast IP scanner that will astonish even the most experienced network administrator! IPPingTool can ping 255 hosts in only 3-4 seconds, resulting in an IP efficiency that should be tested to be believed. A network management tool that continuously monitors specific availability of hosts. When network errors occur, CheckHosts can alert the network administrator by email or sonic alert.

IP Ping tool 6.2   17-Nov-06   English   7.2 MB

If a host does go down, CheckHosts automatically notifies the network administrator and generates a detailed log that can be saved onto your hard disk. This software facilitates the improvement of your service level and reduces downtime. IPPingtool periodically checks the availability of your mission critical servers, network appliances, and other necessary devices. IPPingtool checks your pre-defined IP addresses along TCP ports and notifies your network administrators of any discrepancies via web mail. Easily downloaded, installed, and configured, IPPingtool runs on servers or workstations. The software also features logging events to automatically track network problems, with the possibility to review network events at a later date.

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  • WinXP, WinNT 4.x, Win2000, Win2003
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  • Requirements: Windows NT 4.0 or above