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Debug Cisco's Netflow packets

Debug bandwidth monitoring configurations based on Cisco's Netflow protocol - Windows Freeware. Paessler Netflow Tester dumps the data of all Netflow packets that a computer receives from a Cisco router. This can be useful when debugging bandwidth monitoring configurations based on Cisco's Netflow protocol. First the Netflow protocol must be enabled and configured on the router. Then the router must be given the IP address of the computer running Netflow tester so that the UDP data packets with Netflow data are sent to that computer.

Paessler Netflow Tester 1.0   10-Oct-05   English   381 KB

Just follow these simple instructions: 1) Download Paessler Netflow Tester and then start netflowtest.exe 2) Enter the IP and port number that you have configured as netflow packet target in your Cisco Router. Usually selecting "any IP" should work, in some cases the IP must be explicitly selected. 3) Enable "Start Netflow Collector". 4) You should now see a line in the logfile for each packet the computer receives. Each line shows the time, netflow version, number of flows and the IP of a packet (note: You need netflow version 5 for PRTG Traffic Grapher!) 5) Enable "Show Flow Data" to also show the corresponding flow data. 6) If you do not see any activity then the system does not receive any netflow data (e.g. due to misconfiguration of the router or a firewall blocking the packets, etc.)

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