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Network Audit with config alert

An unique audit program which keeps track of all changes in the network - Windows Freeware. Steel Inventory is a network inventory auditing program, that allows you to keep track of software and hardware changes across your network. After an initial scan, you can generate a snapshot that includes the current hardware and software information, and allows you to detect changes that were made later by comparing the snapshot with a current scan.

Steel Inventory 1.0   28-Jun-05   English   2.0 MB

In case of changes, the machines are marked, and the changed items can be viewed. The program is useful to detect newly added or removed software, as well as hardware devices that have been removed or added. In addition, you can also use the program for license tracking and be alerted if software licenses have been exceeded by to many installations. Other features include automatic refresh and reports. Steel Inventory does not require any software installation on the remote machines (admin and remote access privileges are required though).

Network Audit Unique Program. Which Keeps Track Changes Config Alert.   Steel Inventory
  • Freeware Download from Senthil Kumar
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  • Win2000, WinXP, Win2003
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  • Requirements: P3, 128MB , 6 MB free space