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Small business customer relations management

Customer relations management for small business, easy to use, 24/7 access - Mac $29. Easy to use small business Customer Relations Management (CRM) for sales cycle management. Report on sales calls, schedule follow up contacts, send eMail proposals and estimates with attachments. Quickly and easily categorize and prioritize customers and prospects in unlimited ways. Never let a customer become overlooked or forgotten.

7ContactMac at 7Office 4.0   11-Aug-06   English   2.1 MB

7Office Anywhere greatly simplifies IT issues, gets you up and running quickly and reliably. The program features extensive well-illustrated help, in context. When you encounter a unique problem, send off your enquiry and get a detailed, personalized non-automated response from our engineers answer you, point by point. This hosted, secure solution can be accessed 24/7 from any computer with a high speed internet connection. Sales reps can log on from anywhere, any computer, any OS. Turn on or off the specific features your user need and pay a monthly service fee for exactly what you need and use. Greatly simplify your IT requirements and get up and running quickly.

CRM Customer Relationship Management Hosted Online Web. Based Solutions Small Business Micro Sales Cycle Service Easy 24 Access.   7ContactMac at 7Office Anywhere
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