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Small business sales cycle management

60-Day Free Trial, networkable. Easy to use sales cycle management for small biz - Mac $149. 60-Day Free Trial, networkable. 7Office is an enterprise solution for managing the sales cycle -- qualifying prospects, generating sales, fulfillment, managing inventory and collecting on invoices. All interactions with customers and suppliers are consolidated into one comprehensive networked solution. 7Office is very polished, uncluttered, easy to use, an affordable solution your staff will enjoy. Invoicing, purchasing, customer pricing proposals, accounts receivable/payable, inventory control, timesheets, job profitability analysis, daily call reports -- (who said what to who about what, and what should be done about it), task management, correspondence, mail merge campaigns.

7OfficeTrialMacOSX 3.4   12-Feb-05   English   19.8 MB

Works with your existing accounting program. Requires FileMaker Pro 6.[Win/Mac] Imagine having just one list of clients and prospects, all in one place, presenting all interactions from call reports to invoice payments, and everything in between, made accessible to all authorized users. One place for everything touching on a customer, no duplication. Some of our clients have been using 7Office for more than five years. 7Office goes beyond conventional "Customer Relations Management" software and brings to small business software features only available to major corporations. Your users will catch on quickly and, as one 7Office user says, "never look back." Training is minimal (virtually non-existent). The interface is simple, logical, well organized. Screens are not overcrowded. Printed reports are visually pleasing, properly organized and easy to read. Features not required don't get in the way; however they're ready and waiting when you need them. 7Office is ready to use. Or you can commission your required features direct from the developer. 7Office Inc. will migrate your legacy data. Free support, free updates and upgrades. Get your business organized with 7Office.

Small Business Sales Management Crm Barcode Point Customer. Relations Invoicing Billing Proposal Writing Estimating Report Daily 60 Day Networkable Easy Cycle Biz.   7OfficeTrialMacOSX
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