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Flatland, with illustrations, in PDF format

A Romance of Many Dimensions. Book in top quality PDF format with illustrations - Multi-OS Freeware. Flatland: A romance in many dimensions. As the wuthor puts it, the stuff that dreams are made of. This is the fascinating story of a world with only two dimensions., called flatland. It's very hard for the people living there to imagine a world with three dimensions like we live in.

Flatland 1.0   20-Aug-05   English   1.0 MB

This is a story about ourselves and about how we lack the imagination to see something bigger than our own small world. This highly imaginative book has had a huge influence since it was first published until today. You may never have hards of it, but if that is the case, now is the perfect time to explore it: You can get the book, including the original drawings by the author, totally free in a very nice high quality PDF format, optimized for on screen viewing as well as printing.

Ebook Electronic Literature Classic Mathematics. Geometry Romance Dimensions Top Quality PDF Format Illustrations.   Flatland
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