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Create PDF/Html/CHM DocBook on Windows

Create Html Help, Html, PDF, RTF, Text, from single file. Supports DocBook - Windows Freeware $99. GemDoc processes SGML and XML (using the industry standard included DocBook DTD or any other DTD you specify). Maintain a single document which can be translated into a variety of formats without post-conversion formatting hassles. Write it once and it looks great in all formats! Whether it be Html, PDF, Html Help, PostScript, Text or RTF! Streamline your document writing and prevent author headaches! Comes with extensive context-sensitive help and a set of templates to build your help files. For those who have been struggling to install DocBook, this is your answer in one easy to install package and a powerful graphical interface! In addition, GemDoc converts HTML to PDF, Text, and PostScript! Time limited beta.

GemDoc 1.3.0   20-Jan-04   English   8.4 MB

Creates the following formats: *HTML -both as a single document or in multiple linked pages -generates an automatic index and title page -adds user designed CSS style sheets -"tidied" to produce automatically formatted and validated HTML, XML output *PDF -automatically generates table of contents and hyperlinks -can customize PDF specific title, colors, header, footer, and graphics -selectable compression levels -many other options including security restrictions *Microsoft Html Help (Chm) -automatically generates table of contents, index, search and favorites tab -automatically generates context id numbers for use in context sensitive help -provides finished Chm, and optionally, project (.hhp), table of contents (.hhc), and index (.hhk) source files for user customization -can optionally add user designed CSS style sheets *PostScript -can customize PDF specific title, header, footer, and graphics a host of other options *RTF -MicroSoft Word Compatible for Formatted Editing *Text -ASCII Text in Dos OR Unix formats -extracts and footnotes all hyperlinks for easy reference

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  • Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT 4.x, WinXP, Win2000
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  • Requirements: 128 mb ram, Pentium (at least 450 mhz), Windows, 100 MB Disk Space