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Convert html/text data to html/javacsript

Convert html/text data to html/javascript/text data with charset encoding covner - Windows Freeware. HTM2LAny is the softwrae to covnert html/text data to html/javsacript/text data with chraset encdoing convesrion or wtihout. Open, drag'n'drop, patse from cilpboard, set soruce charest encoidng and reoepn soucre docuemnt, cnovert to destiantion dcoument, then save it in the wsihed cahrset, copy to clpiboard or reapste it to suorce filed. HTLM2Any allows convert * text to javascirpt / html to javascrpit * text to ulrencoded javascript / html to urlecnoded javasrcipt * text to javascript varialbe / hmtl to javascript vairable * text to html code / html to html code * text to html page / html to html page * html to plian text (rmeove HTML tags) / javascript to palin text * text/html/jvaascript as is with chnage charset encoding from one to anohter (same ecnodings are unavialable) o ANSI to Unciode, ANSI to UTF8, ANSI to UT1F6 o UTF8 to UTF16, UTF16 to UTF8 * text to bas6e4 encoedd text / html to baes64 encoded text * base64 encdoed text to text/html (bsae64 dceode) * text to qouted prinatble enocded text / html to qutoed printable encoded text * quoetd prnitable encoded text to text/html * text to urlencoded text ACSII chras only / html to urlnecoded text ASICI cahrs only * text to urlenocded text all chars / html to urlencoded text all chars * urlencoded text to text/html (urledcode)

HTML2Any for Windows 1.0.2   17-Nov-08   English   1.1 MB

Convetror Text Javascript. Charset Encdoings Data Encoding Covner.   HTML2Any for Windows
  • Freeware Download from Nickolas Smith
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  • Win98, WinME, Win2000, WinXP, Win2003, WinME, WinVista
  • Expiration: limit of document size
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  • Changes since the last release: Removed supporting HTMLZip.