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Your adult media manager

Download, encrypt, organize, and playback your adult images and video clips - Windows Freeware. Stash is your adult media manager. ORGANIZE your adult images and video clips into virtual albums. Manage standard albums with drag-and-drop. Create automatic albums that populate themselves based on specified criteria. Use ratings, keywords, last viewed date, and more to view exactly what suits your mood. PROTECT your privacy. Stash encrypts all imported media.

Stash 1.1.1   2-Nov-07   English   1.0 MB

The built-in web browser maintains its own history and bookmarks. Assign a password to Stash so that no one else can run it. Choose a hotkey to hide Stash at a moment's notice. VIEW your images and video clips in Stash's zooming user interface, or in full-screen slideshows. Heads-up slideshow controls disappear when not in use, allowing you to focus on the displayed media. IMPORT internet media. Stash's web browser features tabbed browsing, inline image and video viewing, and drag-and-drop imports into your encrypted media repository. Use Stash's web crawler to automatically find and import content from a single web page, an entire website, or across websites with the click of a button. SEARCH your entire media library instantly. Match against name, keywords, and file source. Results update as you type.

Image Video Media Manager Organizer. Browser Encryption Slideshow Bulk Download Adult Playback Clips.   Stash
  • Freeware Download from A. White
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  • WinXP, WinVista
  • Install and Uninstall
  • New Release
  • Requirements: Internet Explorer 6+, Windows Media Player 10+