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Sell products with your images on them

Aricaur allows you to sell merchandise (gifts & prints) with your images - Multi-OS Data. What exactly does Aricaur do? If you've got an online gallery, logo images, or photos, Aricaur will help you make money by engaging these assets. Aricaur allows you to sell merchandise created with your images on them! Aricaur's unique technology allows you to do this without the drudgery associated with uploading all your images to our servers. We automatically download them at the time of purchase.

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How much can I make? As the webmaster, you earn the difference between the products price and the wholesale price for each sale. Products are initially priced at a Default Product Price (see table below for full product listing), but you can change the prices at any time. Raise the product price and you make more. For example, if you raise the product price of the mousepad from the DPP of $14.95 to $20.95, you'll make an extra $5.00 for a total on the sale of $11.00. (With a wholesale price of $9.95 and product price of $20.95 the breakdown is: $20.95 - $9.95 = $11.00.) How do I start making money in under 5 minutes? Simple. Sign up with Aricaur, enter the information returned from the sign up process into an integrated gallery (there is a list of them on the homepage), and have the gallery automatically create Aricaur links for you.

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