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Auto EMail Scanning, Filtering & Wireless Msg

Unattended Data Capture, Scan, Extract & Instant Messaging / Data Forwarding - Windows Freeware. SpreadMsg Lite is the FREE version of Compuquest, Inc's award-winning SpreadMsg software. The Lite version features an email scanning agent that searches the user's email waiting at their ISP, IMAP, or Exchange Server. EMail scanning and retrieval is supported for POP3 and IMAP email servers. For new messages waiting, it applies user-specified conditions, like looking for specific text content, or for email "from" a specific person, or email containing specific words in the "subject", etc. If the user-specified conditions are met, wireless, email, or instant messages are delivered or other action is taken, such as: parse and forward all or part of the original email; send a specific file somewhere; launch an external application, batchfile, or script; and more.

SpreadMsg Lite 5.31   14-Apr-08   English   664 KB

And, "2-way query and response" features enable the remote user to ask SpreadMsg for specific information, which is then returned to the user using Instant Messaging, delivered to wireless devices, email destinations, or via dialout. Also provided is a sampling of other SpreadMsg software features available in three other upgrade versions of the software. In those features, additional "DataSources" are supported for scanning, applying of conditions, parsing, and messaging. The additional sources include data captured in real time from computer files, internet pages, spreadsheet data, other applications running on the user's PC, or live internet datafeeds. User-specified conditios act on this data to filter, extract, parse, send out messages, start other applications, etc. Message delivery is based on conditions such as any change in data value, data above or below a specific numeric level or range, textual content match, repeated periodic timed delivery interval, and more. Powerful "remote control" features allow the user to control and change the configuration of SpreadMsg using a simple email message. External applications can be started or stopped, batch or script files run, and much more.

Instant Messaging Wireless Email Alert Way Info Demand Sms Cellular Pcs Gsm Blackberry T900. Network Monitor Open View Blackout Power Loss Futures Trading Stock X10 Temperature Weather Storm Warning Pager Alpha Filter Forward Respond Unattended Data Capture Scan Extract Auto Scanning.   SpreadMsg Lite
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  • Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT 4.x, Win2000, WinXP, Win2003
  • Install and Uninstall
  • Minor Update
  • Changes since the last release: Instant Messaging support, DDE interface, 2-way wireless, remote email control, launch apps via email
  • Requirements: modem or internet connection