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CMail Command Line Mail Client

CMail Command Line Mail Client - Multi-OS Freeware. CMail is yet another command line e-mail sending tool, and yet another application called CMail (there are several). This CMail is primarily inteded for sending scripted e-mail, but it is simple enough to be used interactively. CMail was developed as I needed a way to generate large numbers of e-mail messages for testing mail server software and content extraction.

CMail 0.2.0   13-Jan-06   English   40 KB

Prior to this I had been using another freeware command line mailer which had a few small bugs I could work around, but also lacked some of the features I required, and was available for Windows only. Rather than adding to someone elses code, I decided to write my own mailer. Key Features: - Send mail from the command line - Supports attachments using either Base64 or UU encoding (can be mixed) - Unlimited To/Cc/Bcc recipients - Read message body from file or stdin - Ability to set default settings and override as necessary - Written entirely in C - no need for .NET libraries, Java, or other prerequisites - Runs on FreeBSD, Linux, and Windows - Free for private and commercial use

RFC822 SMTP. Cgimail Command Client.   CMail
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  • WinNT 4.x, WinXP, Win2000, Win2003, Linux
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