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Example collection for report design VCL

Example collection for report design component library of Vivid Report 2.0 - Windows Freeware. Example Collection for Vivid Report contains full source codes of ten applications, which will help to use Vivid Report 2.0 in Your projects. This collection includes following examples: 2DTable - shows how to create the 2D tables, for which at design time, amount of rows and columns is unknown; AddrLabs - application to print address labels from the address database; Biolife - shows how to create various variants of the reports from database; CalendarMaker - application for designing and printing of calendars for any year; Envelopes - application for designing and printing of envelopes from the address database; Mastdet - demonstrates how to create the master/detail reports with the PDF417 barcodes from database; MultiLevelHeader - shows how to create reports containing tables with the multi-level headers; PrnInForm - shows how to make the print in the standard paper forms; Prnplot - demonstrates how to print the some mathematical curves; Prntext - application for loading and printing of the RTF files.

Example Collection for Vivid 1.0   1-Dec-03   Multilingual   885 KB

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  • Requirements: C++ Builder 5-6, Delphi 5-6