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An ActiveX control for creating hyperlinks

ActiveX control for creating hyperlinks to open web pages or launch applications - Windows Freeware. HyperLink.OCX is an ActiveX control allowing developers to add links to Visual Basic forms. Simply assign the text to display, the URL to point to, and that's it! HyperLink.OCX displays the traditional 'pointing finger' icon when the mouse hovers over it, and can be configured to change colour once a link has been visited.

Hyperlink.OCX 1.0.2   23-Dec-03   English   55 KB

You can navigate to any type of file or document - the appropriate application is automatically launched for you. Create 'mailto' links that pop open the users' email client, and create a blank email addressed to you. Launch Word or Excel documents, text files or images from within your application. The download includes VB code samples demonstrating how to use the control.

Vb Codebox Activex Control. Creating Open Web Pages Launch Applications.   Hyperlink.OCX
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  • Win98, Win2000, WinXP, Win2003, WinVista
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