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A COM DLL providing easy access to INI files

A COM DLL providing easy object-oriented access to INI files - Windows Freeware. INIFile.DLL is a COM DLL providing easy access to INI files. The DLL encapsulates the Win32 API functions 'GetPrivateProfileString', 'WritePrivateProfileString', 'GetPrivateProfileSection' and 'WritePrivateProfileSection' allowing values and even whole sections to be read and written.

INIFile.DLL 2.0.0   24-Jan-04   English   22 KB

The library also provides some functionality not directly supported by the API - such as the deletion. In addition, the various Sections and Keys within the INI file are represented by collections of objects, allowing for easy iteration through the data. Various 'helper' functions are also provided, allowing common tasks to be performed with a single method call. In addition, the library includes functions to encode binary data, such as byte-arrays, using only alpha-numeric characters that may be safely written to an INI file key.

Vb Codebox Activex. Providing Easy Object Oriented Access.   INIFile.DLL
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