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AIGroupPanel, Free .Net Component

AIGroupPanel, Free .Net Component for an Office, Vista Style Panel - Windows Freeware. AIGroupPanel (3.1) provides developers with a pure extended Windows Panel component with new design features ideal for an Office or Vista style application. The AIGroupPanel component is directly derived from Windows.Forms.Panel to give you all the standard features of the .Net Panel with our design and blending features thrown in for maximum effect.

AIGroupPanel 3.1   10-Dec-06   English   841 KB

Developers need only set a handful of properties to transform the look of their .Net applications. Our AIGroupPanel does the hard work by blending the panels to give that desired Office or Vista effect. Don't worry if our predefined styles don't match your application you can choose the CUSTOM style and select the blend colours you desire This component is free to download and use. Requires .Net framework 2.0 (or higher). Download contains: >Readme (htm file) detailing component properties, methods etc.. >Demo Application showing the component features in action (requires VS2005) >AIGroupPanel component dll.

Component Office Vista. Visual Studio Delphi VB Style.   AIGroupPanel
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  • WinXP, Win2003, WinVista
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  • Requirements: .Net Framework 2.0