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Spire.Flash for .NET Free Download

Free Flash Component for .NET - Windows Freeware. . Quickly and easily create movie frames. . Easy-to-use , The methods and properties for drawing graphics are same as those available in the .NET Graphics class.

Spire.Flash 1.4   5-Sep-07   English   615 KB

if you know how to use the Graphics class to draw in .NET, you know how to use Spire.flash. . Most of the graphical object support , Allow you to add geometrical primitives, images, text labels, edit box, audio streams to the frames. . 100% pure .NET class library. . Simply to create multi-frame animation effect.

Component Control. Library Vb Download.   Spire.Flash
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  • Win98, Win2000, WinXP
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  • Requirements: .NET FrameWork