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Personal health saver

The "security system" for your health and the health of your children - Windows Freeware. ChronoControl protects your health and eyesight when working at the computer and guards your children against the negative influence of computer games (both from physical health risks and psychological dependency). Moreover, ChronoControl will help you to substantially enhance the efficiency of your work at the computer while helping relieve you of the symptoms of both physical and mental fatigue.

ChronoControl 3.1 Lite   25-Dec-04   Multilingual   1.0 MB

ChronoControl attentively monitors a users working schedule and requires him to take brief regular breaks from his work, since its necessary for both his physical and mental health. When performing this task, ChronoControl acts in the most compelling and effective way; the program locks the screen, keyboard and mouse completely during such a break. After using CronoControl for awhile, that you not only feel much better, you will also see how much more you seem to get done during your working day and how much more composed, attentive and productive your thought processes have become! ChronoControl has a wide range of adjustable options that let every user fine-tune it to his own requirements and working conditions.

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  • Freeware Download from Vladimir Kim
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  • Win98, WinME, WinXP, Win2000, Win2003
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  • Minor Update
  • Requirements: A standard Windows PC