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Strips formatting from text on the clipboard

A system tray app which removes formatting from text copied to the clipboard - Windows Freeware. An application which can save you time by removing unwanted formatting information when pasting text in Windows. ClipExact runs in the background while you are working. Whenever you copy text to the clipboard, it strips off the formatting.

ClipExact 1.0.0   30-Jul-07   English   384 KB

That sounds very simple but it can save you a lot of time when pasting text between different applications (eg Word into Outlook) when all you want is the text to be inserted with the style of the destination app. If needed, you can restore formatting to the last item copied to the clipboard or temporarily disable ClipExact, both from the system tray icon menu.

Clipboard Formatting System Tray. App Which Removes Text Copied Strips.   ClipExact
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  • Win2000, WinXP, Win2003, WinVista
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