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A tiny utility to watch clipboard length

Code-ClipLength is a tiny utility for tracking the size of text in the clipboard - Windows Freeware. Code-ClipLength is a tiny utility which watches the size of the clipboard. Perfect for whenever you have to write text of a specific length (such as this PAD file description). The program simply creates a tiny, mostly transparent box in the top-right corner of your desktop displaying a number which is the length of the current text block in the Windows clipboard.

Code-ClipLength 20.42a   16-Nov-06   English   82 KB

I wrote this tool for myself and am constantly amazed at how often I need to use it. I'm distributing it in the hope that others find it useful as well. Code-ClipLength does not install anything on your system. It's a tiny .NET application so you will need to have the .NET runtime installed.

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