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Kasa Roulette oriental casino game

Kasa Roulette lets dance with lucky umbrella - Windows Freeware. Obviously roulette is a most common association with casino and gambling in general. Mesmerizing and mind-bending whirl of the wheel is a beautiful spectacle in itself, even if no stake is made. The oriental hint which you may enjoy playing Kasa Roulette is very harmonious for a roulette game.

Kasa Roulette 2.0   19-Jan-07   Multilingual   1.4 MB

The resemblance between a roulette wheel and an umbrella cupola is striking the eye. The roulettes dancing on the casino floor are very much alike with umbrellas, whirling in the hands of Japanese dancers. The dance with umbrella is a popular performance in Japan, it symbolizes the transience of life. The umbrella itself is an ancient symbol of cover and protection from evil. In the context of the game the image of Japanese umbrella Kasa is going to bring luck to a player.

Casino Game Japanese. Oriental Play Dance Lucky Umbrella.   Kasa Roulette
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