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Mindful event reminder with mini calendar

Mindful combines an event reminder and a calendar in a system tray application - Windows Freeware. Mindful includes an event reminder and mini calendar in an easy to use system tray application. Define your own events and/or select from a list of 72 predefined events including many US, Canadian and Jewish holidays. Use Mindful to be reminded of appointments, bill payments, anniversaries or any occasion, recurring or not, that you never want to miss. Events can be simple such as anniversaries, which occur every year on the same day, or formulated such as a meeting that occurs every 3 months on the last Friday of the month. The age of a person (or event) can be included in the event description simply by adding the year of birth (or original event year) in square brackets into the event name.

Mindful 1.2.6   15-Mar-07   English   784 KB

For example, if you set the name of an event to "John's [1967] Birthday", this item will appear as "John's 38th Birthday" in the list of events (assuming of course that the current year is 2005 and that John's birthday has not yet passed in the current year). Mindful also supports one-time events that can be deleted automatically once passed or kept for future reference, according to your preference. Keeping a one-time event for future reference can be useful to remember when was the last time it occurred, such as when you had your last sight test. A simple wizard helps you through the creation and modification of events so that you don't have to remember all of the possible options when you create or modify them. In order to make it easier to identify events of interest, items in your event list are color-coded according to their point in time. Past events appear in blue, current day events appear in bold red, events due for notice appear in orange, and other future events appear in green. Mindful loads automatically when you start your computer and displays your event list if at least one event is due for notice. If no event is due for notice, the program loads minimized. When minimized, the program remains in your system tray.

Reminder Event Anniversary Birthday. Statutory Holiday Calendar Combines System Tray Application.   Mindful
  • Freeware Download from Philippe Gingras
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  • Win98, WinME, Win2000, WinXP, Win2003
  • Install and Uninstall
  • Minor Update
  • Changes since the last release: Changed formula to calculate daylight saving start and end dates
  • Requirements: 3MB Disk space, 5MB RAM