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Web based customer management

Web based customer management with email and groupware - Linux/Unix Freeware $199. Browser CRM is web based customer management & integrated email. Flexible and powerful CRM - Customer Relationship Management - and Collaboration tools, running in any web browser. Browser CRM is a commercial CRM application, backed by a company with 3 years experience in the sector and with significant expertise in web-enabling small businesses, including migrating from desktop products such as ACT, Goldmine and Maximiser.

Browser CRM 5.000.02   12-Sep-07   Multilingual   2.4 MB

Why does your small business need Browser CRM? 1. you can have a single, comprehensive CRM and Collaboration application accessible from anywhere. 2. you can centralize your customer information from multiple applications and individual computers. 3. you can build a complete, real-time customer history. 4. your people can always access live business data and up-to-date documents from any web browser. 5. you can install the download on your own server or ISP, or use Browser CRM Hosted in our data center.

Web Based Customer Management. Contact Hosted Email Website Integration Groupware.   Browser CRM
  • Freeware Download from Matthew Ross
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  • Unix, Linux, Linux GPL, Linux Open Source
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  • Major Update
  • Requirements: PHP & MySQL