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Website rating browser toolbar, for IE

Free Internet Explorer toolbar for rating and categorizing websites - Windows Freeware. URank is a Free browser toolbar that enables ranking/rating several aspects in websites and categorizing them. Currently supports IE (Internet Explorer) web browser only. Get to know what others think about the website you are visiting. Is the website reliable? Is it free? Is it Ad-free? Is it a children safe website? Others rating for all those aspects and more will be available on your Free URank rating toolbar for Internet Explorer web browser! URank toolbar lets you know what category each website belongs to. Is it a shopping website, a game site, an information site, or others? Share your thoughts and tell others your opinion.

URank, IE toolbar for website 0.83   30-Oct-08   English   391 KB

Let others know what your opinion is about any website and share the impression you got from the website. Rate and categorize a website while attending it, with a simple click. When looking for a service on the internet once entering a website, it might take some time, to check it out see how it may help, and to discover that it is not free. Still it might look promising and professional; however, one doesn't know if it is reliable and if it can be trusted until after he pays, and that's too late! URank toolbar is a unique toolbar, as when entering any site the user will see its rate based on all other users rating. The user can also reveal the rating of several aspects in the website such as, reliability, look and feel, ad-free, free content and children and malware safeness. A user will also see the website category, based on other users categorizing. This information is extremely helpful and time consumer, when visiting a new site. When searching for a product or service, this information will aid us in recognizing potential sites that may charge us for services which we will not receive. It will also help us recognize incompetent services, and therefore a great help to potential consumers. URank toolbar enables each user to rate and categorize each website and all above aspects, while attending it.

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  • Requirements: Internet Explorer (IE)