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Power up & improve Google/Yahoo web search

Power up & improve your Google/Yahoo web search - any search, any language - Windows Freeware. A revolutionary toolbar that uses an AI-based algorithm (a registered patent) to power up and improve any of your Google or Yahoo Web searches by showing you only those results that are relevant for you according to the contexts/terms you select, and all of this in a matter of seconds.

Libera Me 1.7.2   17-Dec-07   Multilingual   4.4 MB

"Libera Me" provides you with a list of topics, every time you search the Web. Upon selecting the relevant topics, the machines create the perfect search query for you, and provide you with enhanced search-results within seconds. All you have to do is use the Google or Yahoo search engines as usual, click on the "Libera Me" toolbar button, and let the magic work.

Filter Results Google Search Web. Yahoo IE Toolbar Explorer Improve Query Power Language.   Libera Me
  • Freeware Download from Libera Team
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  • WinXP, Win2003, WinVista
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  • Changes since the last release: Added support for Google News & new Yahoo interface