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Zip through search results, free IE/FX plugin

Stop pogo sticking between sites Browster lets you zip through search results - Windows Freeware. Searching the web is like riding a pogo stick. You search on Yahoo, hop to another site, wait for the page to draw, hop back to Yahoo, and repeat on the next link. Browster, a free plugin for IE and Firefox, lets you zip you through result lists and avoid the pogo stick ride. Just search normally, open the Browster window by mousing over an icon next to a link, and you can view every result link instantly by simply pressing Page Down, without ever leaving your search page.

Browster 2.0.1   7-Sep-06   English   1.3 MB

Browster works with your favorite search engines like Google and Yahoo, shopping sites like eBay and fact, almost any list of links on the web. Unlike a conventional browser window, Browster is carefully tuned for giving you a quick peek at a web page, deciding if you want to stay, and if not quickly moving on. You can open and close it with simple mouse motions. No groping for the back button or the close box. So it saves you mouse mileage as well as time. And unlike thumbnail previews, Browster shows you pages full size so you can read them. Browster runs on Windows XP or 2000 and IE 6.0 or Firefox and takes just seconds to download and install. It contains no spyware, popup ads, or third party products. You can uninstall it completely at any time. Just a few seconds from now, you could be zipping through search results faster than you ever imagined possible. Get off the pogo stick. Try Browster today!

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  • Win2000, WinXP
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  • Minor Update
  • Requirements: Windows 2000/XP, IE6 or FX