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Funcard6 USB software

Superfast CAM updating with Funcard 6 compatible smartcard - Windows Freeware 9 EUR. The funcard USB software is especially developed for all who regularly use a standard/slow funcard 6 for eg updating a CAM. Programming a standard funcard 6 to update a CAM takes minutes. The fun USB is the solution for time consuming updating of a cam and a good alternative for the CAS interface.

USBLoad 1.0.0   5-Oct-04   English   380 KB

When the funcard USB has been programmed it acts like a standard funcard 6. All USB communication takes place in the funcard USB. So you can program the funcard USB with full USB speed. The programmer is just a simple interface to establish the connection between computer and smartcard. Programming the complete fun USB takes just 11.5 seconds. It takes several minutes with other programmers to program a standard funcard 6!

Funcard6 Smartcard Programmer. Superfast CAM Updating Compatible.   USBLoad
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