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High Quality sound collection (CD-ROM)

High Quality sound collection for Melody or Harmony Assistant (CD-ROM) - Multi-OS Data $30. The Gold Sound Database CD-ROM is a set of high-quality digital sounds, designed to be used in the Myriad software programs (Melody/Harmony Assistant). The Gold Sound Database includes the whole sounds of the General Midi 2 specification, as well as many additional sounds.

Gold Sound Database 2   1-Apr-05   Multilingual  

Thus, the Gold Sound Database improves not only the quality of tunes the software plays, but also the quality of WAV, AIFF, Ogg Vorbis or MP3 the software exports. More than 300 Mb of high-quality sounds. Gold Sound database is a contributive project. You can participate by recording your own instrument then submitting it for being included in the next version (offered free of charge to contributors)

Soundfont Instrument High Quality. Collection Melody Harmony Assistant CD ROM.   Gold Sound Database
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