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Downloads music from the Web to your iPod

Tunestor is freeware that simplifies downloading music from the Web to your iPod - Windows Freeware. Tunestor is free software that enables you to: - Download music directly from the Internet to your iPod in just two clicks - Keep track of your downloads with online bookmarks - Discover music downloaded by other Tunestor users. Tunestor takes the pain and difficulty out of transferring music from the Internet to your iPod. Most people currently waste a lot of time and energy downloading music they found on the Internet to their computer, and then over to their iPod. You normally have to: 1. Download the file using a browser 2.

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Select the location where you want to store the file 3. Wait until the file is downloaded 4. Start iTunes 5. Manually add the file to your iTunes library so that it will be copied to your iPod when you plug it in. Tunestor simplifies this process, making it possible to do this with just two clicks: 1. Right-click the link to a music file 2. Select 'Download File to iTunes' in the context menu shown. Tunestor does the rest: it automatically downloads the file to its music folder and adds it to the 'Tunestor Downloads' playlist in iTunes. When you connect your iPod to your computer, all the music downloaded in this playlist will automatically be copied to your iPod! Tunestor keeps track of all your downloads in its online bookmarks so that you always know from where you downloaded music. Moreover, you can listen to your downloads online at work, at home, or at an Internet cafe even if you don't have your iPod with you! The links to the music downloaded by all the Tunestor users are organized into one big, comprehensive library. You can browse this library, search for music, find out what's popular, listen to songs online and easily download them to your iPod!

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  • Freeware Download from Mike Ivanov
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  • Win98, WinME, WinXP, Win2000, Win2003, Win Tablet PC Edition 2005, Win Media Center Edition 2005, WinVista
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  • Major Update
  • Changes since the last release: 1) Specify the music download path 2) Track downloads using online bookmarks and browse for links to other users' downloads
  • Requirements: iTunes 4.7+, MS Internet Explorer 6.0+ or Mozilla Firefox 1.5+