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CGIScripter - Instantly Write Perl CGI Scripts

Writes Perl CGI Scripts for 9 database servers - Multi-OS Demo $50. CGIScripter enables web developers to instantly write Perl CGI Scripts for MySQL, Oracle, Access, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, PostgreSQL, FrontBase and FileMaker 7 database servers. Feature include: -- Dramatically improves developer productivity -- Improve security of web applications -- Save thousands in infrastructure costs -- No ODBC driver licensing required for UNIX web servers -- Leverage open source software including Apache, Perl, DBI -- Quickly prototype web applications -- Multiple platform support -- Process images via the web with ease -- Utilizes web security best practices for Perl CGI programming -- Automated form data validation -- Auto-Enter web form values -- No syntax errors -- Economical site license Perl CGI scripts are generated for each form specified within CGIScripter and include customized data entry and data validation for each web form.

CGIScripter 2.38   11-Feb-08   English   1.4 MB

The Perl CGI scripts generated by CGIScripter automatically provide support for insert/update/view/delete of GIF/JPEG images via a web-based interface. CGIScripter is a multi-platform development application available for MacOS X, Windows and Linux. A free demo version of CGIScripter may be downloaded for each platform from The CGIScripter demo is fully functional for generating Perl CGI scripts and saving configuration files, allowing developers to fully test the generated scripts for their intended application. For more info please see:

Perl Apache Oracle Mysql Database. Access Server Sybase Db2 PostgreSQL FrontBase Writes Instantly.   CGIScripter
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