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A keyword marketing program

Keyword Investigator is a SEO and keyword marketing program - Windows Demo $49.95. Keyword Investigator is a search engine optimization and keyword marketing program. Keyword Investigator helps you find and analyse keywords that have the most impact and attract highly targeted traffic to your web site. Keyword Investigator's six logically linked segments guide you interactively to keyword variations which will create broad, phrase, and exact matches that will get visitors to your site.

Keyword Investigator 1.2   30-Nov-05   English   667 KB

Using Keyword Investigator, you can easily uncover the popularity of any keyword, get many related keywords to your queries in different ways, export and save all the results you get for future reuse. Keyword Investigator is a part of SiteByter. You can also use Keyword Investigator to improve your position on pay-per-click advertising services, such as Google AdWords and Overture, which allow advertisers to reach targeted prospects for as little as a few pennies.

Search Engine Optimization Marketing. SEO Web Site Promotion Program.   Keyword Investigator
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