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One Eye Open quickly searches

One Eye Open - search hundreds of communities with one click - Windows Demo $19.99. You can build a single search to span one or more communities on, and check as often as you like. We happen to live in an area where we have to check several communities that surround us, so One Eye Open was created to keep a watch out for things we are interested in - without the need to check every single page.

One Eye Open 1.01   4-Mar-08   English   644 KB

After several customers asked for a version they could use, we created this for public use. The demo version only allows two watches to be created, but is otherwise the same as the licensed version. OneEyeOpen connects to the public RSS feeds published by Craigslist, providing up-to-date search capability within the craigslist terms of service. (links go directly to the items, nothing is cached, and all results are attributed to

Search Craigslist Rss. Feed Hundreds Communities Click Quickly.   One Eye Open
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