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HTTP Compression Software for Microsoft IIS

HTTP Compression Software for Microsoft IIS 4.0, 5.x, 6.0 - Windows Demo $1499. PipeBoost is an HTTP compression software that runs on Internet Information Services 4.0, 5.x, 6.0. It compresses static/dynamic content that is downloaded by a browser running on a customer or end users computer. Flexible File Compression Management Allows Site Managers to specify a custom compression strategy.

PipeBoost 3.0.306   4-Feb-08   English   2.0 MB

Allows Global, by website or virtual websites, compression of all files, only files in a directory and/or only individual files,mime type. Works On Any Content Type That Can Be Compressed All web content pages HTM, TXT, ASP, XML, XSL, CSS, BMP, DOC, XLS, MDB etc. Configurable Page Smart Caching Maintains static and frequently requested pages in a compressed state. Significantly Improves SSL Performance Pre-compresses files prior to SSL Encryption. Statistical Performance Monitoring and Reporting See the Performance PipeBoost provides.

Http Compression IIS Performance Gzip. Deflate Dynamic ActiveX SSL Acceleration ISAPI Microsoft.   PipeBoost
  • Demo Download from Aleksandr Palatkevich
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  • WinNT 4.x, WinXP, Win 2000, Win 2003
  • Expires after 30 program starts
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  • Requirements: IIS 5.0 and above