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Can you get the little Goobs home safely?

They're small, round, and... not too bright Can you help them get home safely? - Windows Demo $19.95. They're small, they're round, they're... not too bright! And now they need your help to get home safely! Goobs are little fun loving creatures from the planet Stoompf. But these particular Goobs have managed to get themselves stuck on a series of floating space platforms, and now its up to you to save them. In this original and fun puzzle game, you must guide the Goobs through each of the 55 space platforms, solving puzzles and collecting energy balls, while finding (or making!) a path to the exit tunnel.

The Goobs 1.2   2-Oct-02   English   3.1 MB

Some of the things you might encounter include Lazer beams, Pusher blocks, Collapsing tiles, Pressure switches, and lots more! With multiple Goobs on each platform, you'll enjoy making them work together to find the solutions to each of the fun and challenging levels. Also the game not only has a built in help system, but also a built in, easy to use level creator! So not only do you have 55 original fun levels, but you can even have fun creating your own, sharing them with friends, and downloading new levels online. A fun, original, challenging, and rewarding game that is suitable for all ages!

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  • Win95, Win98, WinME, WinXP, Win2000
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  • Requirements: 233mhz processor, 16mb ram, direct x 7 or above