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Shape Shifter - A puzzle game

Shape Shifter is a simple puzzle game. Match 3 of the same shape and color - Windows Demo $10. Shape Shifter is a simple puzzle game with no time or move limits. The game board is made up of 7 by 7 squares. Each square contains one of 3 shapes in one of four colors.

ShapeShifter for HPC PPC 1.0   15-Jan-01   English   1.8 MB

You must move the squares so that three or more of the same color and shape are together. Once 3 or more are lined up, they will be removed from the board and the other squares will shuffle in to fill the gap. New shapes will be added to keep all squares filled. This install includes application for all CPU and devices.

Tetris Puzzle Game. Wince Handheld Simple Match Color.   ShapeShifter for HPC PPC
  • Demo Download from Jim Koornneef
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  • Win CE
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  • Requirements: HPC HPC/Pro PPC WinCe 2.0+