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Solve puzzles to find the Forest Mother

Solve puzzles to unravel the mystery as you explore the Enchanted Forest - Mac Demo $19.99. Explore the secrets of the Enchanted Forest to discover what happened to the Forest Mother. Collect magical crumbs to read the pages of her journal, as you search for and learn the true identity of the Forest Mother.

Crumb - Mac 1.15   21-Aug-08   Multilingual   22.7 MB

Crumb features over 50 beautifully detailed levels to explore, an exciting family-friendly story set in an enchanted forest, and challenging puzzles. Features: - More than 50 challenging levels! - Exciting, family-friendly story! - Six characters to choose from! - An enchanting forest setting featuring a winter, spring, summer, and fall change of seasons! - Beautiful Music! - Exciting Game Play! - In Game Hints!

Puzzle Family Girl Boy. Sokoban Solve Unravel Mystery Explore Enchanted Forest.   Crumb - Mac
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