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Save all the Bubbles

You are the fairy Cindy and have to save all your friends trapped in the Bubbles - Windows Demo $19.95. Can you help poor Cindy? She and her friends are trapped in a world of bubbles as a result of a wicked spell cast by the evil Witch Makeeba. In seventy levels of fascinating gameplay, becoming increasingly more difficult, you must click on the matching bubbles trapping each pair of her friends to release them. Sounds easy but you have a limited time available and the bubbles bounces all over the screen! Special bonus bubbles give you a chance to increase the time you have remaining, a green pair gives you another 20 seconds, while a blue pair gives an extra 50 seconds.

BubbleWorld 1.0   12-Dec-07   English   19.5 MB

But, to make things more difficult, from time to time a pair of bubbles will start to flash. When this happens you must rush to free that pair before they burst and you lose ten seconds of your valuable remaining time. Each level ends when you run out of time or have managed to free all the trapped friends, and you earn 100 points for each freed pair. If you complete the level without running out of time, you go on to the next level. Otherwise you start back at your opening position for that level. To make things more interesting, new types of friends appear in later levels. Be Warned - Don't start to play this game unless you are prepared to keep going as you progress through the various levels, because it's truly addictive! Don't blame us if you suddenly find that hours have magically disappeared while you enjoy the fun, for believe us, you will enjoy it!

Puzzle Game Kids Funny. Casual Arcade Fairy Cindy Save Friends Trapped.   BubbleWorld
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