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Create PDF from any Windows application

Creating, saving and sending PDF documents has never been so easy - Windows Software $88.50. pdfMachine Simply ingenious, ingeniously simple! Creating, saving and sending PDF documents from any software application has never been so easy! Everything in one fell swoop-convenient, user-friendly and cost-effective! pdfMachine is the perfect complete solution for anyone that often sends PC documents to friends, co-workers, customers and business partners. No windows machine should be without it! You can use pdfMachine to send any computer document from any software by eMail-anyone on any platform can view it just the way you prepared it.

pdfMachine 12.x   23-Apr-08   Multilingual   2.2 MB

All of the fonts, images and format settings stay exactly as they are in the original when they reach the recipient. Just call up the PC document you want to convert on your PC, select the pdfMachine printer and enter the e-mail address of the recipient, and leave pdfMachine to do the rest. pdfMachine is quick, effective, simple and cost-effective! +++ Prints from Windows applications +++ MS Office menu integration +++ PDF as eMail attachment once printed +++Uses your standard MAPI client (e.g. Lotus Notes, MS Outlook etc.) +++ 40 und 128 bit safe encryption +++ Document format up to DIN A0 +++ Joins PDF documents together +++ Converts websites complete with hyperlinks +++Resolution up to 1,400 dpi +++ Virtual letterhead (First and following pages can be separately selected) +++ Adds, deletes and moves pages +++ Control from external applications (e.g. automatic transfer of eMail address) +++ Terminal server compliantl +++ Several virtual pdfMachine printers can be set up (e.g. with or without official letterhead)

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  • Software Download from Siegfried K. Holz
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  • WinNT 3.x, WinNT 4.x, WinXP, Win2000, Win2003, WinVista
  • Expiration: The unlicensed version shows a watermark
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  • Changes since the last release: Parameter features enhancements
  • Requirements: Acrobat Reader