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Don't miss web page updates

Be notified about web page update with this freeware monitoring tool - Windows Software $34.95. TimelyWeb helps you track updates of web pages and ftp resources. When the change is detected, TimelyWeb can notify you in a number of ways including automatic opening of the web page in browser, sending an e-mail, SMS, instant messenger message or just showing a message so that you can do proper action manually.

TimelyWeb 4.2   11-Jun-04   Multilingual   2.1 MB

TimelyWeb can check keywords in web pages or exclude parts of web page text (like counters or time). It can also highlight all changes in web pages. Both static and dynamically generated resources can be monitored. If the resource is protected, TimelyWeb will login automatically. You can vary check interval from minutes to months, and secify it individually for every page or resource. TimelyWeb can also be used to monitor availability of the site. When the site is not available for any reason, you are immediately notified.

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  • Software Download from EldoS Corporation
  • Screenshot
  • Win95, Win98, WinME, WinXP, WinNT 4.x, Win2000, Win2003
  • Expires after 30 program starts
  • Install and Uninstall
  • Minor Update
  • Changes since the last release: Tray notification
  • Requirements: none