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Network Traffic Analyser,Sniffer, Analyze

Network Traffic Analyzer and Usage Reporter.Remote LAN,WAN support.Real Time - Windows Software $450. See the standard RMON statistics for your whole network segment. Traffic matrix and chart (shows traffic between stations/hosts) Host table and chart (shows traffic by host) TCP/UDP port table and chart (shows activity by port) Distribution MAC layer octet distribution TCP/UDP octet distribution Protocol octet distribution Packet size distribution Utilization Rates Total octet rate Broadcast octet rate Multicast octet rate Unicast octet rate ICMP octet rate TCP SYNC octet rate 64 bytes packet rate 65-127 bytes packet rate 128-255 bytes packet rate 256-511 bytes packet rate 512-1023 bytes packet rate 1024-1518 bytes packet rate Error rate CRC error packet rate Collision packet rate Underrun packet rate Alignment packet rate Overrun packet rate FTP octet rate Telnet octet rate SMTP/POP/IMAP octet rate HTTP(S) octet rate NNTP octet rate NetBIOS octet rate SNMP octet rate Captures packets from local and remote segments PROTOCOLS See which protocols are in use on you network.

Netjini Plus Traffic Analyzer 2.0   9-Mar-06   English   34.3 MB

APPLICATIONS See which applications are in use on your network. HOSTS See the traffic for each host on your network and which ones are the most active. CONVERSATIONS See the traffic among the hosts on your network, and which ones are the most active. HISTORY See trends as traffic is captured in real time and and charted on a time line REPORTS a. which device generate most trafic b. which application generate most trafic c. which devices generate most trafic (conversetaion monitor) d. most used protocol e. which device lock network f. which device generate erronious trafic g. The most used 5/10/15/N application and used ones h. 5/10/15/N MAC addresses and IPs which generate the most packet on network. i. 5/10/15/N MAC addresses and IPs which used bandwith and erroreous ones

Network Sniffer Reporter Application Usage. Monitor Visualization Remote LAN WAN Support Real Time.   Netjini Plus Traffic Analyzer
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  • WinNT 4.x, Win2000, WinXP, Win2003
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  • Requirements: 256 MB RAM 100 MB Free Disk Space