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Storage Infrastructure Monitoring tool

Monitors storage arrays, fabric switches, Tape Libraries, HBAs and Host Servers - Multi-OS Software $495. OpStor is a multi-vendor storage infrastructure monitoring tool offering unified Inventory, Fault and Performance management for Storage Arrays, Fabric Switches, Tape Libraries, HBAs and Host servers through a browser-based client. Major devices supported are: EMC CLARiion/NetApp/Hitachi HDS/StorageTek/IBM FastT/InforTrend HP-EVA/Areca ARC storage arrays, Brocade/EMC/McData/Cisco SAN switches,Dell PV/ADIC/STK/Qualstar/IBM SLX Tape Libraries,QLogic/Emulex HBAs. OpStor discovers storage devices using available management interfaces on the device such as SNMP, CLI and Device-specific APIs. Devices are queried for inventory information including that of sub components such as fabric ports, disks, volumes, drives et al.

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Hierarchical device map is constructed automatically with devices links and status color-coded. OpStor periodically polls the device for health status and generates alarms on change of status. Fabric Switch and Port states, Storage Arrays and Processors status, Disk / Volume states, Library and drive states monitored closely. In addition, asynchronous notifications from the devices are received and processed and mapped to respective monitored entities for alarm status indication. Critical conditions are escalated through e-mails/SMSs to storage administrators. OpStor collects performance data on well-defined KPIs for storage devices & interconnects and graphs them for visual tracking. OpStor generates reports on fabric Ports utilization, availability and Storage Disks / Volumes utilization trends. Top-N reports on provided comparing relative performance of devices. OpStor easily integrates device's element managers by launching them from OpStor browser client. Also device telnet is tunneled from OpStor client securely. OpStor is easy to install & use with a rich web-based UI. OpStor is designed with focus on storage administrators' day-to-day monitoring needs. Above all it is priced attractively from entry level to large enterprises.

SAN Monitoring Storage HBA Switch CLARiion NetApp Overland Neo Brocade EMC McData. Silkworm Connectrix HDS TagmaStore FastT STK QLogic Emulex PV132T PV136T IBM SLX InforTrend Qualstar Arrays Fabric Libraries Host Servers Infrastructure Tool.   ManageEngine OpStor
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  • Win2000, WinXP, Win2003, Linux
  • Expires after 21 program starts
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  • Requirements: Pentium 3 - 1Ghz; 512 MB RAM and above