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Application performance monitoring tool

Application performance monitoring tool for distributed systems - Multi-OS Demo $729. Application performance monitoring tool for distributed applications across a variety of architectures and operating systems. Use LivePerf to monitor your database performance, your application server, your operating system or your network connections. View all performance data in the same graphical console and choose to group and plot the information relevant to you. * Integrated view over heterogeneous networks Maintain a consistent view across vendors, operating systems and application versions.

LivePerf 1.3.2   19-Nov-07   English   42.0 MB

Regardless of its source, all data is always available in the same graphical console, ready to be plotted in standard or custom controls. * Extend LivePerf with your own data collectors Present custom data, extracted from SQL queries, Java applications and command line tools. This is a powerful feature which allows you to watch business (application specific) metrics along with overall system performance. * Create you own custom views Raw counters not enough? Add, subtract, average or write a Java function to transform data before displaying it on the screen. Create statistics over time, or display live data in your own charts. * Log now and analyse later Log and replay capability allows recording of monitoring sessions and replying them at a later time. * Agents Built-in monitoring capabilities for Websphere, Weblogic, JBoss, SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, Unix, Windows, Apache, LDAP, SNMP, web applications, application log files and more.

Performance Monitoring Tool Application Statistic Analysis Distributed. Server Dtrace Aix Websphere Iis Apache Unix Solaris Oracle Agentless Network Graphical Systems.   LivePerf
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