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Editize - A Rich Text Editor for your CMS

Editize - A cross-browser, cross platform rich text editor for your CMS - Demo $127. Editize is a cross-browser, cross-platform rich text editor that can be easily integrated into any content management system, whether it be written in PHP, ASP,, or some other server-side language.

Editize 1.0.4   21-Jun-02   English   241 KB

You can define the level of formatting control you want your clients to have. And since Editize isn't branded, you can make a profit by offering it to your web development clients. This distribution will allow you to install Editize on your local Web server for evaluation purposes. If you want to use Editize on a live Web site, or on some other machine on your network, you can also obtain a free trial license file from the Editize Web site.

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  • Requirements: Web server capable of server side scripting