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Email Archiving Software for Exchange Server

Email Archiving Software for archiving emails from Exchange Server for email compliance - Multi-OS Software $495. ManageEngine MailArchiver Plus is a powerful, 24X7, real-time email archiving software for archiving emails from Exchange Server. It helps in email compliance by archiving emails from the Exchange Server by using the proven 'Journaling' mechanism. MailArchiver Plus helps in complying with government regulations on email storage and retrieval, such as Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Biley, NASD, NYSE, etc,. by archiving the corporate emails. Its powerful search mechanism and reporting capabilities help in retrieving the necessary data for government investigators and regulators, resulting in lower cost on email discovery.

ManageEngine MailArchiver 4.5   4-Oct-07   English   26.1 MB

MailArchiver Plus periodically fetches the journaled emails from Microsoft Exchange Server and stores it in its databases. Email Archiving is done at real-time as and when the mails are sent or received, thereby archiving internal, inbound and outbound emails. It uses a distributed database architecture to store the emails and the database can be rolled over based on the size of the archived database or based on specific time period. MailArchiver Plus supports Single Instance Storage for attachments where only one copy of the attachment is stored in the database, thereby saving the disk space by over 80%. If the same attachment is received again, a pointer is made to the existing attachment, thereby eliminating the need to store the attachments time and again. Compliance reports are generated that covers email traffic report, prolific users report, user access report, database statistics report, audit trial report, etc. that helps in complying with government regulations. Emails can be categorized by labelling them before they are archived. This helps you to defined email retention policies for the emails based on the message labels. Outlook PST files can be archived, thereby reducing the burden on administrators to deal with large-sized, error-prone PST files.

Solution Exchange Retention Policy SOX Compliance Reports PST. Outlook EML Sarbanes Oxley Single Instance Storage HIPAA NASD NYSE Search Retrieval Emails Server.   ManageEngine MailArchiver Plus
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  • WinVista, Win XP, Win 2003, Win 2000, Linux
  • Expires after 30 program starts
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  • Major Release
  • Requirements: Pentium 4; 512 MB RAM and above