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A program to collect email addresses

A program to collect email addresses at trade shows - Windows Demo $49.95. Email Collector is a program that collects email addresses from the general public and is generally used at trade shows where it is important for you to display a corporate image as you collect information from visitors. (potential customers). Email Collector - program is fully customizable, background colors, fonts, graphics, text, labels, etc. so that your corporate image is properly displayed to your visitors. - visitors are thanked after they enter their email address.

Email Collector   18-Aug-06   English   2.3 MB

- there is no limit to the amount of email addresses that can be collected at any one time. - email addresses remain sorted on your computer by trade show. - email addresses collected are placed into a text file that is compatible with most bulk mail programs. - program protected so visitors cannot access your computer when they enter their info into Email Collector. - Options: List displays and gives access to all the email addresses you've ever collected. - throw away the paper lists that you have been using to collect email addresses. - avoid the errors of retyping the email addresses of your visitors. - avoid the errors of trying to read the handwriting of your visitors. - save money by using an electronic gathering system (don't pay someone to type in all your addresses from paper lists). - make more money by being able to mount concerted email campaigns to people that want your information. Download the Lite version to see what Email Collector can do for you.

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